Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sixth Circuit denies request to videotape Mark Adams' Monday hearing

A hearing will be held Monday Nov. 28 at 0900 at the Pinellas County Criminal Justice Center before Judge Robert Beach to hear Mr. Adams' motion to dismiss a criminal contempt charge brought agaisnt him by Judge Crockett Farnell. Mr. Adams' wife Lisa Adams, who is a citizen journalist member of the Tampa Bay Independent Media Center and the Tampa Bay Community Network, has submitted two requests to videotape court proceedings in this case but Judge Beach has denied both. Attorney Mark Adams claims that the court has shown favortism to the Battaglia law firm in this matter.

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Since Judge Beach has denied requests to have the proceedings videotaped, we urge our Pinellas County readers to attend the hearing so as to keep the court fair and honest.

Hearing before the Honorable Judge Robert Beach
Monday, November 28, 2005 at 9:00 AM
Courtroom 14 or 16 on the 3rd Floor
Pinellas County Criminal Justice Center
14250 49th Street North in Clearwater, Florida 33762.

From Tampa, take I-275 south. After you cross the Bay, take the second exit which is the exit for Largo via Ulmerton Road. Take Ulmerton Road approximately 3 miles to 49th Street, and turn right. The courthouse will be on your left just past the first traffic light.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the Defendant in an ongoing Florida Sixth Judicial Circuit Civil case, filed November 30, 2001, (Pinellas County v. Nadine Knowles) I filed an appeal on a summary judgment which was later correctly dismissed by the Second DCA as premature. It was not until I saw the record submitted to the 2nd DCA by the clerk of the Circuit Court that I realized my exhibits that were filed with my answer to the Plaintiff's amended complaint were not in the record. Not only were my docketed exhibits inexplicably missing from the record, but they were not in the Circuit Court's case file even though the docket reflected and still reflects their filing. Upon further examination of the record, I found some of my missing exhibits, out of order and some even upside down in a manila envelope containing Judge's notes and other papers that were handed to the Honorable Judge Bruce Boyer during a hearing that was held many months after the filing of my sabotaged exhibits. The manila envelope containing a portion of my sabotaged exhibits and Judge Boyer's notes was filed and contains a date stamp within a day of an order rendered by Judge Boyer.
One of the exhibits that is no longer to be found in the Court file was a copy of a note I obtained from my file at Pinellas County Department of Environmental Management, stating, "11/27/01 (=) - Rick Porthouse - spoke to Chief Williams - going to go after prop. owner somehow." F.Y.I., I am the property owner, Rick Porthouse is/was an employee of Indian Shores and Cheif Williams is/was the Police Chief of the Town of Indian Shores. It doesn't surprise me that Honorable Judge Beach refused to allow any video or recording, as I was arrested on 3rd degree criminal charges for tape recording a conversation in the lobby of the Indian Shores Police Department on June 9, 2003. My criminal charges were dismissed because my recording was not a crime.
As a pro-se litigant, unfamiliar with the rules and procedures, I had been putting my faith in the Court to see and correct the injustices that I had been subjected to, but I realized upon drafting my initial brief and statement of the case and facts, that there were some very odd procedures and events taking place in my case, and that no matter how good my case is, I am destined to loose, with an appeal to a higher court my only chance of obtaining justice.
I regret that I did not stumble on this notice to attend the November 2005 hearing before Judge Beach until now, nine months later. I don't know if greater attendance at hearings will keep the court fair and honest, but it is a good start.
If there are any more hearings that would be improved by more attendance, please notify me and I will be more than happy to attend. In addition, recording public employees, when done lawfully, is a great way to ensure that public agencies and law enforcement officers are acting fairly and honestly, just be careful not to commit the crime of "intercepting oral communications", as the Indian Shores Police Department falsely arrested me for (see 6th Circuit, Pinellas County #CRC 03-10035CFANO-D, State v. Nadine Knowles).
If my presence would benefit justice, please e-mail me at If anyone is willing to attend my hearings, let me know as well.
-Nadine Knowles

8/26/2006 10:55 AM  

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