Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Sixth Circuit and Operation PAR: Has Op PAR become the new treatment arm of DFAF?

Or: 3 strikes and the Sixth Circuit is OUT

Florida's Sixth Circuit Court was vocally supportive of The Seed juvenile therapeutic community until in 1974 the US Senate found The Seed to be using Communist brainwashing-like methods. The program sort of fell out of sight after that, but the document did not deter Mel and Betty Sembler. What did Senator Sam Ervin know. They liked The Seed so much they formed their own juvenile therapeutic community and patterned it after The Seed. They called their rendention Straight, Inc. The Sixth Circuit supported Straight too. But Straight had to be closed because its reputation for abuse became too widely known. Now Straight, Inc. is called Drug Free America Foundation. It doesn't treat kids for addictions. Betty and her gang from Straight have infiltrated another rehab program though--Operation PAR, the biggest rehab in the southeast. And now The Royal Court endorses Operation PAR. We've taken our golden oldie story which looks at whether PAR has become the treatment arm of DFAF, updated it and had it published in Tampa Bay Independent Media. It's also on the Drug Free America Foundation Blog.


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