Saturday, February 12, 2005

Judge Nancy Moate Ley (R) was (and is?) a member of the board of directors of Operation Par

There were actually two Straight organizations. Straight, Inc., the treatment arm; and Straight Foundation, Inc., the education arm. Straight, Inc. closed in 1993 and in 1995 Straight Foundation, Inc. changed its name to Drug Free America Foundation (DFAF).

With a budget of $18 million, Pinellas County-based Operation PAR is the biggest rehabilitation program in the southeast. Betty Sembler is on the board of PAR and she is not the only former Straight official to have joined PAR. In fact the infiltration of PAR by former Straight officials is so pandemic that a good case can be made that Operation PAR is the now the drug treatment arm of DFAF. (See Is Op PAR the new drug treatment arm of DFAF?) Many Sixth Circuit judges were pro Straight. Many others were pro The Seed--Straight's predecessor. Now many judges like Judge Moate are supportive of another drug rehab enterprize linked to the Semblers. See Judge Moate and Op PAR


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Dated: 10 June 2007: I have attempted for about two or three years to discover what subsized Florida State Agency issues state licenses to practice law! I have heard the Florida Supreme Court and then I have heard that it is the Florida Bar Examiners! Could you please enlighten me as to which state agency performs the licensing? Thank you.

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