Monday, February 14, 2005

The Clary Report, former state Senator Donald Sullivan, MD and his wife Sixth Circuit Judge Irene Sullivan

In 1989 a team from the Florida state department of health (HRS) out of Tallahassee was in St. Petersburg with the intention of closing the flagship Straight facility for its record of state health code violations. A subsequent IG report (The Clary Report) revealed that Mel Sembler probably used his political influence to quash the effort. Subsequently, Donald Sullivan, MD, an orthopedic surgeon, resigned from Straight Foundation and successfully ran for state Senate. Eventually he was on the Senate's oversight committee that would oversee any investigation of HRS. Dr. Sullivan's wife Irene is a Sixth Circuit judge who caused quite a stir in the local newspaper when she ran for her judgeship because she had been one of the three Republican candidates for office whose campaign had been actively pushed by the Pinellas County Republican Party. When Judge Sullivan attended Betty's 70th birthday party, Betty asked her and her other guests to donate money to the Drug Free America Foundation (formerly Straight, Inc.) in lieu of gifts. A few years ago Mel and Betty held their 50th wedding anniversay at their castle in Rome. It was billed by an outsider as "The Mother of All Toga Parties." The guest list read like a who's who from Pinellas County. Straight watchers were keenly interested in seating arrangements because they felt that Sembler would have people from his inner circle seated next to people who may have been reading the web pages of Straight dissidents. The St. Petersburg Times reported that, besides the Italian Minister of Defense, other tablemates of Dr. Epstein's [Dr. Bruce Epstein, former board member of Straight] were the Israeli ambassador to Italy and "an orthopedic surgeon who once treated Betty." Read now my story of intrigue and high seas adventure in the Tampa Bay Independent Media.


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Any clue if Dr. Donald Sullivan has a sister who is a nurse in Massachusetts named Eileen Sullivan? Eileen Sullivan is trying to have Florida Nurse Carla Iyer's nursing license revoked because Carla was interviewed on CNN about Terri Schiavo even though the stuff was already on the record in an Affidavit that Jeb Bush asked Carla Iyer to prepare and sign. Donald Sullivan voted against Terri Schiavo and she's been dead for over a year now. Eileen Sullivan is a nurse from Sutton, Massachusetts. ANy relation to Donald Sullivan???

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