Sunday, September 21, 2003

Ray Bradbury's Watergate: Justice Pinellas County Style

On September 20, 1988 anti-Straight activist Ray Bradbury found himself before Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Court Judge Crockett Farnell. The charge was breaking and entering of the controversial Straight, Inc. juvenile rehabilitation program. Prosecutors were asking for one year in jail. "He 'masterminded' the scheme and harassed the drug-treatment center and its chairman of the board of directors, Mel Sembler...", one said. "This was basically a burglary for sabotage. That's pretty severe. It's not some kid going in somebody's garage and taking a case of beer. . . . They had a very elaborate plan." Prosecutor Richard Mensch must have been especially annoyed at Bradbury. His brother Myron Mensch was on Straight's board of directors!

You might not approve of Richard Bradbury's methods even when fighting a county political machine on the take. But reading this story might help you understand what drives this man to do what he does. story


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