Sunday, September 21, 2003

AG Bob Butterworth sues Kane's™ Furniture as Judge Logan gags the state's informant

On September 11 I was working the crossword puzzle in The Washington Post. Sixty-five down was was "Obstacle to free speech." I immediately thought of "Logan." But it was only three letters. "gag" was the correct answer. Earlier this month Lenny Englander convinced Circuit Judge Walt Logan to issue a temporary injunction against Ray Bradbury to shut him up on the Internet. Just eight months before, Englander had gotten to Judge Logan to shut up another man, Manny Gonzalez, who was exposing Kane's™ Furniture (another Englander client) on the Internet for alleged fraud. Gonzalez says that somebody in Kane's law firm told him that they were going to put him and his wife in jail. Then they got Judge Logan to issue a temporary injunction and Judge Penick to issue a permanent injunction. story


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